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Olive Oil Processing / Pressing at Dawn View Olive Oil
Olive Oil Processing now available at: Dawn View Olive Oil; 4101 Wangaratta Whitfield Road, King Valley, Vic, 3678.          Phone: 0417 09 10 16 or (03) 57 29 36 51 for more information.
Our Processor is a two phase extraction system with a rate of approximately 80 - 100 kg per hour.  The fruit is de-leafed and then taken through a mill which breaks up the pit and flesh. The paste then enters the Malaxer and finally the paste is passed through a decanter to separate the oil from the water/paste mix. The oil is transferred directly into your containers; please bring these when you drop off your olives. Processing is normally available on the weekends only during the processing season and will occur within 12 – 24 hours after harvesting depending on the size of your batch. If you require processing during the week please call and we may be able to organise it. There is a start-up/clean-up fee if you want the process to include only your olives (as a stand-alone batch). If you are happy to have your processing take place at the end of someone else’s batch then this will be halved between the two customers. There is a minimum batch requirement of 100 kg’s. If you are happy to mix your olives with someone else’s and can organise this you could share the start-up/clean-up fee. This is a great way to still have the joy and benefits of your own olive oil. We know how hard it is to get small batches processed and would love to help you with this. We need to know approximate dates you would be harvesting so that we can set a schedule. We do however understand that we are dealing with the weather and other factors so that dates may change. Also an estimation of total weight if possible would be good.
Current charges:
Start-up/clean-up fee              $ 132.00 including GST
Rate per kg                        $   0.66 including GST
Minimum batch 100 kg   Maximum per weekend 1000 kg.
For more information please call the above numbers or email the above address.
Please get in touch if you have any enquires about processing or stocking Dawn View Olive Oil for your customers.
Phone: 0417 09 10 16 or (03) 2957 3651 or
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