3.Bonbonnieres - Bombonieres.

Bonbonniere / bomboniere / boubounieres or wedding favours / hampers.
English / Italian or Greek it doesn’t matter, bonbonnieres or wedding favours are a lovely gift and keepsake given by hosts to their guests on special occasions. They are given at many different events from weddings, bridal showers, engagements, christenings / baptisms, communion or an anniversary just to name a few. 
The definition of bonbonniere varies a lot depending on where you are looking.  For example the definition of bonbonniere in the dictionary is: a small ornamental box or lidded jar for confectionery. They are sometimes used as part of the table display or handed out by the hosts at the special event.
The most common sweet used with any type of bonbonniere is Jordon almonds also known as Dragees (sweet candy covered almonds). The Jordan almonds are put inside a bag made of tulle and tied with ribbons in assorted colours along with a gift. May we suggest 100ml bottles of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift?  The almond candy colour is different depending on the occasion.  White for weddings, (although sometimes the host will rotate colours to match the colour theme).
In the case of Christenings the colours pink or blue are traditionally used depending on whether it’s a baby girl or boy. Please find below some photos of bomboniere’s used at a christening (photo’s kindly supplied by the godmother Korina), thank-you Korina.  
Another fanastic use for the 100ml bottles of Extra Virgin Dawn View Olive Oil is including them in a gift box.  We can make these up for you or if your making up a hamper to say thank-you to staff or your loyal customer this would be a lovely addition to your hamper.     
Christening Bonbonniere made with Dawn View Olive Oil 100 ml bottles of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Online Store - Bonbonnieres.
Christening Bonbonniere made with Dawn View Olive Oil 100 ml bottles of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Online Store.
Christening Bonbonniere made with Dawn View Olive Oil 100 ml bottles of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The amount of Jordan almonds used depends on personal choice however, there are traditions and different amounts to symbolise different things.  For a wedding it is traditionally composed of an odd number, this can be 5 – 7 – 9 etc.  The odd number of Jordan almonds used is important as this is not divisible by two.  This represents the idea that the number cannot be divided, so the new couple will never be divided or break up. If you choose to use five Jordan almonds this will symbolise: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.
The best gifts are those which are practical, beautiful and have a personal touch. Dawn View Olive Oil 100ml bottles would work well for this. You can also personalise this further by attaching a herb / flower to the bottle to symbolise the many different century old Victorian meanings. Following are but just a few:
Garlic: protection, strength,healing.                       
Mint: eternal refreshment, wisdom, virtue.          
Oregano: joy, happiness. 
Rosemary: remembrance, love, loyalty, fidelity.     
Sage: wisdom, long life, esteem immortality, esteem. 
Thyme: activity, bravery, courage, strength.
Verbena: faithfulness, marriage. 
Yarrow: everlasting love
This was perfectly demonstrated by one of Dawn View Olive Oils customers as shown in the photo below.  This photo was kindly supplied. Many thanks Lee & Sam.
Dawn View Olive Oil has available filled 100 ml bottles with or without labels so that you may personalise them to your theme / colour for your special event.  If you have your own oil or want to make your own infused olive oil, Dawn View Olive Oil also supply empty 100ml bottles – in the dark green with gold lids (like the ones in the photo's). We ship Australia wide, for more information please email or phone the numbers & email address below. You can also contact us by using the contact form on page 10.
Wishing you all the best on your special occasion. 
Wedding Bonbonnieres - with Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100ml bottles.
Wedding Favour example.
Wedding Favour example.
Wedding Favour example.
Empty 100 ml Olive Oil bottles with gold lids.
Online Store - empty 100ml bottles.
100 ml bottles of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 24 carat Gold Flakes.
Gift Boxes & Hampers
Wedding Bonbonniere example.
Photo's from Keiron & Cristina Perra from their special day on 11.11.2017. Thank-you for allowing us to use your photo's.
Wedding Bonbonnieres Infused with Rosemary.
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